A bad accident in my youth (fractured pelvis, hip, ribs), began to show up as muscle and joint pain a few years ago (as my body aged around the injury). When the pain got worse I tried physical therapy, steroid shots, and chiropractic visits for more than two years but got very little relief. As a last ditch effort I thought I would try deep tissue massage as it had been suggested at physical therapy. I found John by doing a search online for sports/deep tissue massage, and when, after only a few visits, John helped me with his skillful deep tissue massage technique, my hope was renewed.

I have had good massages before but have not had so obviously experienced a practitioner as John. I can feel bound up fascia and deep muscles release during each session. Thankfully, I no longer need to take anti-inflammatory drugs, which I had been taking at maximum dosages on a daily basis. When sitting or standing for long periods I have found that I can manage pains that crop up with a few minor adjustments to my posture, which John taught me. His guidance on healthy positioning for standing, walking, sitting for long periods at work, and in my yoga practice, has been invaluable in helping me sustain the benefits of the massage throughout the time between sessions. My heart goes out to anyone who has suffered from chronic pain and lost hope for relief as I had, so I do not take it lightly to say, without reservation, this excellent practitioner will serve you well.

Susan P.

Monument Beach, MA

I am so grateful to have found John. His massages are best I have ever had. I had a double mastectomy several years ago and John was the first massage therapist who addressed this issue. After several sessions with John, I no longer had pain or tightness in my breast and surrounding area. I have also had chronic pain in my neck for years that John has been able to relieve. John is a gifted healer and the best massage therapist I have ever met.

P. Bauer

John Rosario is a true gem. He is not only an excellent massage therapist, he is an inspiring resource for good health and well-being. John is extremely knowledgeable in western, eastern, and ancient techniques for treatment of body and spirit. He is passionate about his work and very dedicated to ongoing education and professional enrichment. John is genuinely interested in helping his clients, at their own pace. His skill and professionalism are superlative. His disposition is always positive, encouraging, and sincere. I have been to massage therapists around the world and can hardly believe we have such a talented, highly-trained professional right here in Osterville – John Rosario is a rare find. 

T.M., Osterville